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As we look ahead to 2022 there are still many questions to be answered, however the expectation is that demand will improve.  There are more and more properties opening, leisure continues to lead the recovery and average rates are improving.  Regardless of where they are in their recovery stage, hotels, resorts and residential rentals will be writing marketing plans, and the lack of complete clarity will make it even more challenging.  Here are a few thoughts to consider:  

  • Guest Feedback:  What are your guests saying and how have their needs changed?  While this may be a small sample size, how are their requirements different from the past.  How will you build that into your marketing strategies and inspire them at the top of the sales and marketing funnel during awareness and consideration.

  • Data Insights:  What does the data tell you from this past year?  What were the new revenue streams, will they continue?  Where do the opportunities exist to capture and drive market share.  Take insights no matter how small, and build them into your plan.

  • Pricing and Distribution:  There is no question pricing has increased with summer demand, what are the takeaways? How did distribution change, where is the opportunity to leverage underperforming channels?

  • Marketing Budget:  Resources are limited as the recovery builds momentum, evaluate what is providing the greatest return and where is their continued opportunity. While digital marketing provides great ROI, what about other business sources?  For example, are you responding to all of  your group leads? if not have you created a business case for staffing changes based on lost business?

  • Leisure Marketing:  This segment continues to lead the recovery, what is your point of difference? Or your why? How will you extend your leisure season?  What type of programming are you developing? How are you integrating your marketing strategies and tactics to communicate with your target audience?

  • First Party Data: This is becoming increasingly important because Apple and Google’s tracking rules are impacting marketers and advertisers. What is  your first party data strategy?  What is the collection percentage of data vs guests visited?  Look at all segments, focus with most profitable for targeting.

Call or contact us to discuss how we might help with your 2022 Marketing Plan. 

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